Our mission

Helping businesses market their brand, content and image throughout the world. 

Our Vision

At Extension Marketing Team, our vision is to be the most trusted marketing consultants by providing solid and current information so our clients are confident and successful with the marketing campaigns and overall business success.

Our Value Proposition

At extension marketing team we know how overwhelming marketing can be. We have over 50 years of combined media experience in all marketing platforms and have the knowledge of how each outlet operates. What that means to our clients is they are getting knowledge, expertise and honest guidance. We will do all the heavy lifting to deliver strong marketing results.


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Chandler, AZ



Renie Scibona, CEO

I have over 30 years of media experience in many different capacities.  They include an Account Executive in all mediums to managing and being responsible for the profitability of the organizations I have worked for.  I am bringing all of my experience full circle and leveraging them for businesses that need help positioning, gaining market share and growing their business.

I consult with all types of businesses to strategize, create, negotiate and implement strong marketing plans.  I deliver marketing campaigns for clients that will ensure profitability and a return on investment.

I have demonstrated strong relationship management skills and am not afraid to think differently to provide wins for clients.

I have 10 years in television and digital sales along with 25+ years of management/leadership positions. I  have had  considerable success building highly effective teams and have a proven track record on increasing sales revenue.
*Maintain and develop strong relationships with all client contacts.
*Manage client marketing budgets
*Change orders
*Monitor timelines
*Ensures accurate and timely invoicing.
*Offer market knowledge and business intelligence to clients on a continual basis.
*Continually predict possible problems on the account and always ready to deal with any crisis and action appropriately.
*Oversee evaluation of campaign results and reaching clients agreement about systems of evaluation before campaign.

Courtney Coady, Vice President

You are seeking a dynamic marketing partner who can build instant rapport and make knowledgeable media and marketing recommendations and that is exactly what I am equipped to do. With over 25 years of media and marketing experience as a Senior Account Manager/Account Executive, I will step in and make an immediate contribution to your company’s continued success. Additionally, I am service-minded, a persuasive communicator and know how to relate products to the needs of the customer.

My communication and presentation skills are exceptional and have allowed me to succeed in my profession. From past experience, my strong account service skills and creativity keep clients returning year after year. I am an extremely passionate, outgoing and ambitious individual and I enjoy meeting with clients and assisting them to grow their business. My goal is to always satisfy the needs of the client to ensure future business.

What I can provide:

*Strong communication, presentation, leadership, account service and analytical skills developed through work experience and training I have received throughout my career
*Solid understanding of the importance of business relationships, client satisfaction and dedication to task